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Monthly Bookings

Learn how to change your view to monthly in the calendar

Upon creating or requesting a booking, users can initially see it in the ‘Bookings’ page where users can easily view or manage their bookings.

The monthly list can be quite extensive and include tens of results so Peekaboox gives you the possiblity to search for a particular booking either by using the search bar in the Bookings page or by using the Calendar to access the monthly bookings.

To view your monthly bookings:

  • Go to ‘Calendar’ tab
  • Select the ‘Month’ view

monthly bookings

This will allow you to see the monthly bookings along with all corresponding details. Different colors match each staff member/operator and are intended to provide easier booking management. You can filter per operator by pressing on the operator name in the left column and you can check any booking by clicking on the corresponding slot in the calendar.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Employee