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Type of Booking

How to view the type of booking for the customer on Peekaboox

One of the more important aspects of dealing with bookings and customers at your Peekaboox is to find out the type of booking done by a customer. Having the ability to track monthly bookings or do that weekly is really helpful. However, this not only gives you a clearer picture of the market trends and needs, but it also gives you some insightful information on how to develop the future relation with a particular customer.

There are two ways you can see the type of booking for the customer;

  • Navigate to ‘Bookings’ tab.

type of booking

At the header, you’ll see customer’s booking type. By default, it is situated at the third column, labelled as:

  • S = Single booking - booking only once
  • M = Multiple booking - more bookings done without a pattern
  • R = Recurring booking - continous and repetitive booking at a specific time interval (e.g. every Tuesday, once in three months etc.)
  • C = Custom booking - custom made selection

Double-click on the booking. At the pop-up, go to 'Activity Log' on the left-hand side

From there you'll see what type of booking was entered when it was created.

If there is more than one appointment, the appointment tab shall list all of them and an automated background"journal" keeps track of all action done to a booking. Both these features are accessible once you click on a booking next to the Activity Log sub-tab.

type of booking

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