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Weekly Bookings

Learn how to change your calendar to weekly view

When a booking is created or requested, it will firstly appear on your ‘Bookings’ page where you can easily view or manage your bookings.

The list for the current week may be extensive and contain tens of results so Peekaboox offers the option to search for a particular booking either by using the search bar in the Bookings page or by using the Calendar to access the weekly bookings.

To view your weekly bookings through the Calendar, simply;

  • Go to the ‘Calendar’ tab of the dashboard
  • Select the ‘Week’ view in the upper right corner to see the weekly results. You can scroll through the list and check both previous weeks and upcoming ones as well.

weekly bookings

This will allow you to see the weekly bookings along with its details. Different colors are used for each staff member/operator for easier reservation management.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Employee