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Edit an Expense

Learn how to Edit an Expense on the income statement

For users who want to maintain a well-managed revenues and expenses database, Peekaboox provided great set of features aimed at increasing the efficiency and the access to data for employees both with the accountant role and managers alike.

There are two ways you can edit a company expense and make your job easier when it comes to preparing the income statement. The income statement summarizes the revenues and expenses generated by the company over a pre-determined reporting period.

  • Navigate on to the 'Revenues/Expense' in your 'Accounting' tab, then select 'Expenses'
  • You can use the search bar to locate an entry or filter the list by some of the entered information (e.g. document date, invoice, ID number, name of customer, bank account, service provided, payment date, tax rate and amount paid)

edit company expenses button

  • Double-click on a specific entry of the Expenses list or select a desired expense and click on 'Edit'button located above
  • A pop up window appears for you to add or change any details

edit expense

Remember to click 'Save' to update the data

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant