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Edit a Revenue

Learn how to edit a revenue on Peekaboox

Keeping track of revenues is a must when it comes to successful business management. Peekaboox supports a very practical expense/revenues management set of features which enable users to easily add revenues, manage suppliers and edit expenses.

The editting a revenue process is quite straight-forward, however, only manual revenue can be edited:

edit a revenue button

  • Navigate to the Revenues/Expenses tab of the Accounting section in main menu
  • Highlight the Revenues button in the upper left corner
  • Choose some of the manually entered revenues from the list which can be filtered by the information already provided.
  • Highlight on the desired entry and click on the Edit button above
  • Edit the required fields such as document date, invoice, ID number, name of customer, bank account, service provided, payment date, tax rate and amount paid. You can also use the search bar to locate the required entry.
  • Click on the Save button below

edit revenue window

When a revenue is edited, it reflects on the the balance sheet, the monthly cash flow report and the dashboard overview and they are updated accordingly. The payment date is used to evaluate when the revenue is accounted.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant