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Revenue per Service

Learn where to view the Revenue per Service in Peekaboox

Making strategic analysis for the course your business is taking requires proper figures management. Services-based revenues are an integral part of this approach.

Here are some of the ways you can view the monthly revenue per service:

  • Navigate to ‘Dashboard’. Check the first chart. Here you’ll find revenue for each service differentiated in color. It can be sorted on a yearly or a monthly level and downloaded to your computer.

revenue per service

  • Navigate to Accounting tab and select ‘Revenues’. From here, you’ll find detailed revenue information. This will show you the complete list of revenues directly sourced from all interlinked areas of the system. You can sort or filter it by document details, customer, bank account, service assigned, payment date and associated amount (with and without VAT).

revenue per service

  • Analyse revenues thourgh the reports tab - probably the most data focused way to check revenues per category. This is because the revenues/expenses tab serves very well to check single revenue and to add or edit them easily. The report section gives you the details and the analysis you really need.

  • Navigate to the Reports tab

  • Select the Monthly Cash Flow Report tab

  • Select the Fiscal year

  • Look through the list to find the Revenues section of the table

The list is extensive and it shows all the revenues per category and per month. Users can easily export this data to Excel files by clicking on the Export data button.

revenue reports

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