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Monthly Revenue - Staff

How to monitor the monthly revenues produced by each staff/operator

Staff/operator revenues represent the total amount of income generated by each staff/operator and are linked with the sale of your services. They are automatically generated once a confirmed booking has been done and you can easily track all the company's revenues directly from within Peekaboox.

  • Go to the ‘Dashboard’ section
  • Highlight the chart named ‘Revenues Per Operators’

monthly revenue - staff

This chart allows you to check the revenues produced for each operator in a service. Remember you can click on any column to move to the monthly view and check the details for that month. You can also filter operators by clicking on their name positioned in the right column. Each operator is marked with different color which is set in the operator settings section intended for better overview and transparency. The complete list of revenues can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

Filter revenue per operators by name

These values are sourced automatically from the Accounting section or when an invoice is generated manually.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant