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Yearly Revenue - Staff

How to view Yearly Revenue of the operator/staff

Peekaboox offers a well-integrated revenue management support. Staff/operator revenues represent the total amount of income generated by each staff/operator and are sourced automatically from the Accounting section once a confirmed booking has been done and you can easily track all the company's revenues directly from within Peekaboox.

To view the revenues for each operator, simply:

  • Navigate to the ‘Dashboard’ tab
  • Scroll down to see the ‘Revenues Per Operator’ chart

yearly revenue - staff

This chart easily tracks all revenues produced by operator during one year. Peekaboox allows you to check both the current year and the previous ones as well with simple click on the bar.

You can also filter operators by clicking on their name positioned in the right column. Each operator is marked with different color which is set in the operator settings section, while The complete list of annual revenues can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

filter operator

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant