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How Access to Calls and SMS

With Peekaboox you can send sms and make calls to your customers directly from your back office.

Let's see how:

  • Navigate to the subscription section
  • Click on SMS & call
  • Decide which subscription to buy: the process is the same, both for sms and call credit
  • Enter the details of the cardholder with which you will purchase your subscription

titolare carta details

  • Enter your email and card details

dettagli carta

  • You will be forwarded a call from the number shown in the popup. After answering, enter the code given to you to verify the number you will use to make calls and send SMS.

verification call

Once your number is verified, you will see a green tick in the top right. In the same bar you will be able to see how many minutes calls and SMS you have available, based on the subscription you have purchased.

numero verificato

  • Remember that:
  1. You will be called on the number you entered in your "Profile" section, which is your company profile.
  2. Both to be able to make calls and to send SMS, your number must be Italian, if you are using the it version. If you are subscribed to AE, your number must be from UAE.

Who has access to this resource?

  • Manager
  • Scheduler