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How do I add a new customer?

Peekaboox is all about bookings, customers, suppliers or accounting data, reports, tools and tons of other perks designed to make running a business easier and hassle-free as much as possible.

Adding a new customer on Peekaboox can be done simply by following these steps:

add a customer

  • Go to 'Customer' tab, and click 'New' button.
  • A customer details editting window will appear where you need to input name, last name, email, phone number, full address and location details (street, city, state/region, zip code and country) and you can also include some tags for easier database management
  • Remember to click 'Save' to apply changes

client details

Adding a new and editing an existing customer is additionally important for invoicing purposes because you need to have the customers added into the database in order to send an online invoice.

Adding notes and tags while creating a new customer gives a handy touch as well. They are easy to use and for internal purposes and can be helpful to remember a customer.

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