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How to Call a Client on Peekaboox

Peekaboox allows you to call your customers directly from the platform without having to change your phone number.

How to do it

  • From the customers section, double click on the customer you want to call. In the pop-up that opens you will be able to view the following items: edit, pipeline, schedule a message e call

modifica cliente

  • Click on call
  • Click on the handset to call the customer


In the top bar you will find the number of minutes and SMS you have available according to the subscription you have bought.

Nota bene:
  • To be able to call you must verify your phone number
  • In order to make calls and to send SMS, your number must be Italian, if you are subscribed to the it version. If you are subscribed to AE, your number must be from UAE

Who has access to this resource?

  • Manager
  • Scheduler