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How to Divide Your Clients into Segments

The customer segmentation

With Peekaboox CRM you can segment your customers: this will allow you to respond to the specific needs of each customer and to identify and group your customers based on criteria you choose. The customer segmentation, is a necessary marketing strategy for every successful company!

Now let's see how to create segments in your Peekaboox CRM and how to associate segments to each customer.

You can create segments in two ways:

  1. From the customers section> settings at the top right> segments

segmenti select

Create the label for your segment: Let's assume you want to divide your customers based on their geographic location, specifically what region they are in.

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  1. Directly from the "optional details" section of your customer profile

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This allows you to create new segments, or to modify the existing ones directly at the creation of a new customer.

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You can associate segments, or labels, to your customers from the "optional details" section. You can also associate multiple labels to each customer

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What else can you do?

  • Filter your customers based on the segments you have identified being useful for your business.

filtra clienti

  • Export only the list of customers that matches the segments you have filtered!


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