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Export Customer List

Learn how to export customer list to excel file in Peekaboox

Whatever the database is, being bookings, customers, suppliers or accounting data, Peekaboox comes ready with an export feature which makes data management much easier.

To export customer list in Excel file, simply;

  • Navigate to the ‘Customers’ tab

export customer list

  • Here you can add and edit some of the entries or remove a customer when updating the list
  • When the list is ready - click on one of the headers above, mark the ‘Export to’ button.

The export function is filter sensitive. Only the customers appearing in the list will be exported, hence if a filter/search is active and some results are omitted, only those customers which are shown on the list will be exported.

You will the choice to export your customer’s list on Excel as xlxs or csv. When downloaded, you can also print it if needed.

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