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A guide to the Client section

Peekaboox boasts a feature-rich customer section for a CRM with all the trimmings!

1. Toolbar

First of all we find a toolbar divided into:

  • New: to add a new customer. You can choose whether to add a private customer, i.e. a customer who does not have a VAT number. It will then be registered with its tax code and the invoices sent to this customer are simple tax receipts. Or a company or customer with VAT, or a customer who is a tax entity that receives an invoice. Invoices sent to this customer include VAT and are electronic.

nuovo cliente

  • Edit: button that allows you to change the data of a particular customer. It is activated by double clicking on the desired customer or by selecting the customer with a click and then edit.

modifica cliente

In the pop-up that opens you will be able to see the following items: edit, pipeline, schedule a message and call, which we will discuss in another guide.

  • Remove: button that allows you to remove a customer
  • Book: button that allows you to book an appointment

prenota da sez clienti

  • Export to: button that allows you to export information and data of all customers

2. Descriptive grid

In the bar below, however, you will find the information of your customer:

  • Surname
  • Name -Telephone
  • Email
  • Address

Each column of this descriptive bar is characterized by a filter through which it is possible to sort the information as desired. Furthermore, through the text box represented by a magnifying glass it is possible to carry out customer searches of your interest.

Customers with a VAT number are also marked with a "+" through which, by clicking on it, it will be possible to add the customer's contacts.

Who has access to this resource?

  • Manager
  • Scheduler