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Keep track of your client's actions

Taking care and managing the relationship with your customer is the basis of a good business, and a good CRM allows you to do it better and efficiently.

The CRM of Peekaboox

From the customer section of your Peekaboox back office, simply click on the desired customer. In the pop-up that opens you will be able to view the following items: edit, pipeline, schedule a message and call. In this guide we will talk about the pipeline.

modifica cliente

The pipeline

With the Peekaboox pipeline you can have all the information about the customer and the relationship with your customer at hand, from the phone calls made to the meetings or the set goals. Information that can come handy when we want to call him or request an appointment. In this section you can:

  • Add manual actions, specifying the date of creation, if it is an input or an outcome and the details of the action itself.

aggiungi azione

  • Add reminders for each action, of which an event will be created in the calendar based on the time and date you decide. Fifteen minutes before the event you will receive a reminder email. The reminder can be edited both from the calendar and from the pipeline section itself.

add promemoria

Please note that if a manager among your operators does not have an active calendar, the reminder will not be viewable from the calendar, but it will be sent anyway.

  • Automatically save and view all calls and sms exchanged with the customer directly from your Peekaboox back office.

Who has access to this resource?

  • Manager
  • Scheduler