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Check Payment Status

Learn how to check the payment status of the Invoice on Peekaboox

Keeping a well-maintained invoice database is very important for efficient service and cost-reduction. Peekaboox supports a simple, yet effective invoice management solution which not only allows users to easily add, manage the template or edit an invoice, but to export it and print it as well.

To check the payment status of an invoice, simply:

  • Go to ‘Invoices’ tab
  • Focus your attention on the Paid column - this column shows the status of an Invoice by using a color indication

check payment status

  • Red indicates 'Unpaid' invoice
  • Green indicates 'Paid' invoice

check payment status

Users can easily sort/filter the list of Invoices by the payment status to see the list of paid/unpaid invoices. In case the invoice is unpaid, you can re-send the invoice email as a form of reminder. When an invoice gets paid, you can manually set it and mark it as paid by clicking on the Mark as Paid button.

mark as paid button

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Accountant