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Edit Existing Invoice

Learn how to edit an existing Invoice on Peekaboox

Every business needs proper invoice management service in order to save valuable time and efforts and make sure that accounting is done much more efficiently.

From downloading an invoice to sending it to the Sistema di Interscambio Centrale directly from the platform, Peekaboox has introduced a more pragmatic and easy-to-do approach aimed at making your job way easier.

What you need to do is to just navigate to the 'Invoices' tab on the menu of the main dashboard to access the complete list of invoices.

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  • Some of the available perks include filterring and sorting the list of invoices through the search bar and the filter on each column
  • You can filter and sort them by whether they are active or not, ID number, source (whether it is automatically generated or manually entered), payment method used, the service it is linked to, its title, who's the customer, when it is due, total amount, payment status and payment date.
  • Then, you double-click the desired Invoice from the list or highlight it and then click 'Edit' above
  • There will be a pop-up page appearing with the details of the Invoice

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Bear in mind, you can edit an existing invoice only if the invoice has not been paid yet. You will find the status of the invoice in the same page with a color indicator as either Red for Unpaid or Green Paid

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