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The features of the Invoices section on Peekaboox

Types of invoices

Invoices can be numbered in two different ways:

  • Automatic: invoices that have an automatic numbering
  • Manual: Invoices where a number must be entered manually

Payment gateways

Once the reservation has been accepted, an actual invoice will not be issued, because it is only from the moment the service starts that payment will be made. Invoices can be paid in three ways:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card

Once the invoice has been issued, an item (from invoice) will be generated in the P&L section that cannot be changed, unlike manual items which can be changed freely.

If the invoice does not have a payment date, it will be possible to view the debtors item in the Balance Sheet under the Assets to indicate that the customer is a debtor. When the invoice is marked as paid manually or automatically, the sum that was previously in the assets under the heading of debtors will be removed to be added to the bank, in the payment gateway or in the common fund, depending on the type of payment.

How the invoice section is structured

Le funzioni della sezione fatture

We find a toolbar that is activated by clicking on the invoice that we need:

barra strumenti

  • Export to: button that allows us to export the invoice in excel xlsx or in CSV
  • New: button that allows you to create a new invoice
  • Show details: button that allows you to view the details of a specific invoice by showing a summary/preview
  • Edit: button that allows you to edit invoices
  • Remove: button that allows you to permanently delete an invoice
  • Email: button that will allow you to send an email to the customer automatically
  • Mark Paid: Button that allows you to mark a particular invoice as paid. As long as an invoice has not been paid, it can be changed.

Immediately below we find a descriptive grid that allows you to view some important information regarding the invoice.

barra descrittiva

characterized by

  • Number: it indicates the invoice number by means of an automatic numbering
  • Source: it indicates whether it is an automatic, manual or cyclic invoice with the respective symbols
  • Type of payment: indicates the payment gateway used
  • Service: it indicates the type of service to which the invoice refers
  • Title: it indicates a summary of the type of service of the time and day of the reservation to which the invoice refers, if manual, however, it must be entered manually
  • Customer: it indicates the customer's name
  • Due on: it indicates the due date and time
  • Total: it indicates the amount to be paid
  • Payment Status: it indicates whether the invoice has been paid or not If so, a green dot will be displayed, if not a red one
  • Paid on: it indicates the day and time of payment

It is also possible to filter and reorder the list of invoices through the search bar and the filter on each column.


The text box depicting a magnifying glass allows for targeted searches on invoices.

Who has access to this resource?

  • Manager
  • scheduler
  • accountant