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How to generate an XML file

How to download the XML file of your invoice

Peekaboox is equipped with an electronic invoicing system integrated with the SDI and a professional invoicing management system, practical and easy to use.

  • Select the invoice of your interest
  • In the preview that appears click on Download (bottom left) and select XML

scarica xml

Peekaboox also checks the consistency of the data relating to your tax profile and the customer: if the VAT number entered in the customer profile is not valid, for example, Peekaboox will not allow you to download the XML and will report the error. Once the data has been corrected, you can download the XML file.

The file can be sent directly to the recipient's pec, or Peekaboox also supports direct integration with the SDI.

How to configure your VAT number

Obviously, in order to generate an XML file you must have a VAT number. From the business>profile section, you can set up your tax profile and all the details related to it.

profilo srl

For example, a LLC can enter the details relating to the Rea office to which it belongs, the share capital, VAT, the IBAN code, the type of tax regime and so on.

info srl

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