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Edit Supplier Details

Learn how to edit Supplier details and information on your Peekaboox

Once a new supplier has been added, you can always drop back over at a later stage if you need to edit one or more of their details. It is a quite straight-forward procedure to do so:

edit suppliers details

Go to ‘Suppliers’ at the 'Accounting' tab.
Here you will access the complete database and list of your suppliers. You can use the search bar in the upper right corner to search through it or filter the list by name, address, phone or email.

  • When you find the entry you need just select and highlight the supplier name and also click the 'Edit' button
  • You may double-click on a supplier name and the Edit menu pops out.

Either way, you will be able to enter new, modify exhisting information and update the entries of your supplier database. Practically enough, you can also add or include a certain expense in the income statement (part of the Accounting section) only under the supplier category, meaning the expense is referred to or belongs to a supplier and it can't be linked in another way.

Finally, you can also export the suppliers database into *xls or *csv file for easier management.

edit, supplier

Click on 'Save' to update the data

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