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Configure DNS - Gandi

Step by step guide to point your domain to Peekaboox with Gandi

Configuring your own domain with Peekaboox is a piece of cake when your host is Gandi. Follow these simple steps and link your domain with us.

  • Login at Gandi interface management
  • Access to your Gandi management interface and select Domain in the side navigation bar

Login to Gandi Interface

  • Access the domain management panel
  • Look at the domains list and click on the domain you wish to point to the Peekaboox website

configure your domain on Gandi with Peekaboox

  • Select the DNS record to be updated
  • Search for the DNS record with type A and name '@'. Click on the pen icon to modify it.

Select A record to be updated

  • Update the IP value
  • Replace the IPv4 address with Peekaboox IP,

Update the DNS entry

Please note that it will take some time before this change will take effect. It will take at least the time in seconds shown in the TTL column. You can select 3600 seconds.

  • Click on update. You will receive a notification to confirm your change.
  • Let Peekaboox know about the linking with Gandi
  • Upon completing the update on Gandi, open Peekaboox backoffice and navigate to Integration - My Own Domain

Add a new hostname to Peekaboox

  • Add the domain to Peekaboox
  • Press the Add button and enter the name of your domain. Do not add http:// or www to your domain name. Automatic validation will help you avoid any error.

Add the hostname to whitelist

  • Upon completion, an SSL certificate will be automatically issued to ensure your website data is encrypted.

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