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How to configure GA with Peekaboox's checkout

Analyze your customers' purchasing activities in your site checkout with Google Analytics.

One of Peekaboox's best features is the "Book Now" button, where your customers can book a service directly from your website. Let's find out how to configure Google Analytics with your Peekaboox checkout with this simple step-by-step guide.


Ready, set, go!

1. Enable ecommerce settings on Google Analytics

Sign in to your account on Google Analytics and go to: Admin>View: Ecommerce Setup

e-commerce settings

Enable e-commerce: ON>Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting: ON

enable e-commerce

Checkout labeling

Create labels for the checkout-funnel steps to make it easier for you to read the session analytics. The name of the labels is customizable. Peekaboox's checkout is divided into:

  • Setup
  • Time
  • Choose
  • Service
  • Address
  • Payment

canali di pagamento

Ok, click on save and now let's move on to the second part!

2. Add Checkout Tag on Google Tag Manager

On Google Tag Manager site go to

Tag Configuration

  • Tag type: Google Analytics: Universal Analytics.
  • Track type: event.

Event Tracking Parameters

  • Category: E-commerce
  • Action: checkout.
  • Non-Interaction Hit: False.
  • Google Analytics Settings: Select the variable {{Google Analytics Settings}}. If you don't see it, you need to create a new variable.
How to create a new variable
  1. Before creating a new variable, you need the Analytics UA- code: Google Analytics>Administration>Tracking info>Tracking code

tracking code GA

  1. Copy the UA-XXXXXXXXX-X code.

UA code

  1. Now go back to GTM where we left off: click on new variable
    • Variable Type: Google Analytics settings
    • Tracking ID: Enter the UA-XXXXXXXXX-X code you just copied.
    • Save.

create new variable

  • Click Enable overriding settings in this tag.

tag type

  • More settings>Ecommerce>Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features: TRUE
  • Check the icon Use Data Layer

more settings


Let's create a new trigger which I'm going to rename GA checkout Trigger.

  • Trigger type: Custom Event.
  • Event name: checkout.
  • This Trigger fires on: Some Custom Events.
  • .Fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true: Event>equals>checkout


We're almost there, save the trigger and save the tag.

3. Publish and check that the tag works correctly

-Click on Submit to publish.

  • Now navigate to the checkout of your site: in this way you can check if your "visit" in the checkout is communicated to Analytics and therefore the Tag has been activated correctly.
  • To check that the tag is working correctly, go to Google Analytics: Conversions>Ecommerce> heckout Behavior

You should be able to view the sessions (the blue columns) under each Checkout Label as shown in the screenshot below:

checkout behaviour

Congratulations, it wasn't easy, but you made it! Google Analytics has been set up with your checkout.