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How to add payment processors on Peekaboox for Credit Card payments

When adding payment options for your service, adding a credit card processor is a must. The card processor can be added pretty simple - under the My Business section, then the Settings tab, leading to Payment Processor button. This will lead you to the new payment processor wizard.

payment processor

The only way for payment processor to appear in the list is to firstly insert it with the wizard. Once you add one you can see it in the list and enable/disable it at your convenience, but to add it you have to go through the wizard (by clicking the New button).

select processor, payment, methods

Once you create a payment processor, you can edit your current service (or add a new one) and add that payment processor to the list of accepted payment. The last step of the service wizard allows you to choose the payment method specific for that particular service. Only one payment processor can be active at a time and the list of payment methods always includes cash, while the credit card payment feature mirrors the payment gateway previously configured in the payment processor wizard.

  • Click on the link and you will be routed to the card processor page.

how to add service payment processor

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