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The onboarding process for freelancers

The process of setting up your instance is simpler than it looks!

Even if you don't have a VAT number Peekaboox provides an onboarding process that allows you to configure your instance in just a few steps.

The onboarding process is divided into 4 simple steps:

1. "Who are you?"

Select "private".

seleziona privato

2. More information

You will be asked to enter:

  • Your telephone number
  • Your tax code for the automatic generation of receipts
  • A description that represents you to your customers
  • Tags that define you
  • A picture of you. You can always change it to your liking in the future too.

più info

3. What do you do

  • Select the activity that is closest to yours.

seleziona attività

This will allow Peekaboox to automatically create the Company Service (viewable from the services section) and the website customized to the activity you have selected. Even after completing the onboarding you can always change the service to your liking.

servizio creato

4. Where

  • Enter the address of your office Consent to the processing of personal data


You will receive a summary email with some useful information. Attached you will find your QR code to download: your customers can book your service simply by scanning the code from their mobile!

QR code

Your onboarding process is complete!