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Add New Operator

How to add a new operator or staff on your Peekaboox

Staff/operator management is one of the crucial parts of every business. Having an updated list of employees and operators is more then important when it comes to ensuring that all services are done by the right person and that each member of staff has the corresponding access to information and authorisations.

Peekaboox allows users to easily manage their staff easily, not only to add new operators or view their details, but to edit existing ones as well.

To add a new operator/staff simply:

add new

  • Navigate to ‘My Business’ tab and click 'Staff'
  • Under 'Staff', you'll see the option at the headers above to add a 'New Operator'
  • Choose the role for the new operator (determining the level of access)
  • Enter the required details in the New staff/operator window
    • name
    • email
    • phone
    • password

details 2

  • Enter the required details in the windows that follow:
    • services assigned - choose which services the person will perform
    • color setttings for the calendar section and
    • description - short description of the person
    • tags - for easier indexing and search
    • employee ID
    • IBAN
    • salary

Having all these details, especially the photo, the short description, services assigned and the tags are necessary for customers of each service to choose the operator they want. Now, it is possible to enable the operator selection option for each service you offer. This will give the end customers access to the list of operators and their details so they can choose the one they want.


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