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Assign Staff Role

How to assign role to a specific operator or staff in Peekaboox

By providing the ability to assign a specific role to a staff or operator Peekaboox offers users a hassle-free employee management process aiming at increasing the business' efficiency and effectivness.

You firstly need to access the staff section under the My Business tab of your dashboard. You will reach the complete list of staff/operators with different roles and authorisations enabled for each of them.

staff list

By creating a new staff or with the option to Edit the staff/operator's details including name, contact and bank details, as well as his/her role and authorisations you'll see the 'Role' box which will provide you with five different options to choose:

types of staff role

The feature of assigning staff Roles is aimed at limitting or identifying the access level to Peekaboox so each user can have different limitations to actions they can take or resources they can access.

assign staff role

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler