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Company Accountant Role

Learn what the Company Accountant role feature does on Peekaboox

Another great aspect of the Peekaboox system is that it offers the option to set the access level for each of your staff or operators regarding the actions they can take or the resources they can use. You can do this by assigning different roles for each staff member or operator. One of the roles that can be assigned is the 'Company Accountant' role: let's see how to do it!

The process is pretty simple. You firstly need to access the staff section under the My Business tab of your dashboard. You will reach the complete list of staff/operators with different roles and authorisations enabled for each of them.

accountant staff list

By highlighting the field and by clicking on Edit or by double-clicking the person you need you will reach a new pop-up field which gives you the option to Edit the staff/operator's details including name, contact and bank details, as well as his/her role and authorisations.

There are five different options to choose from under the role drop-down menu.

Company Accountant is one of them and assigning the company accountant role to an operator will allow this person access only to the accounting section of Peekaboox and the invoice section.


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