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Edit Existing Operator

Learn how to edit an existing staff/operator on Peekaboox

Updating staff/operator details is a very important step to ensure who has done what and who has the access to internal systems and processes. Peekabox allows you to easly view staff list or if you need to edit or update some of the details of an operator or staff member (such as name email or role) - there are two ways to do it:

  1. Navigate to ‘My Business’, field on the main menu
  • Navigate to the Staff tab.
  • Double-click on the desired operator to edit details such as name, contact details and role/position in the company as well as salary or bank details.


  1. Click on the operator and select ‘Edit operator’ option to add or edit information.


Having all these details updated, especially the photo, the short description, services assigned and the tags are necessary for customers of each service to choose the operator they want. Now, it is possible to enable the operator selection option for each service you offer. This will give the end customers access to the list of operators and their details so they can choose the one they want.

edit details

Once done with the changes, click on save to ensure the new data has been saved.

Also, you can always add new operator or staff member, remove an exhisting one or export the list of the current ones into Excel -xls or -csv format for easier employee management.

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