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Remove an operator

Learn how to remove an operator in Peekaboox

On Peekaboox you can easily deal with staff settings. From adding new staff or editting the exhisting ones, enabling the access their profiles have or disabling and limitting it according to your requirements, setting different roles, exporting the whole data in -xls or -csv format and up to dealing with WPS report and salary options - the time you use to manage all of this will greatly decrease. For users, it means introducing and providing excellent staff/operator management support.


The complete staff/operator management interface can be accessed by:

  • Navigating to 'Staff' under the ‘My Business’ tab on the dashboard
  • Filtering the list by name, role, email and activity status

The operator can be removed by:

  • Selecting the operator you want to remove
  • Click on the Remove button above
  • Confirm the action by clicking yes on the confirmation window

removal confirmation

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