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Accept a Reservation

How to Accept bookings on Peekaboox

When a customer is interested in a particular service of your offer and wants to book it, there are two ways you can accept a booking:

  • When a booking is created or requested, it will firstly appear on your ‘Bookings’ page where you can easily view or manage your bookings
  • From there, you can locate the request in the list of bookings which may be filtered by ID number, type of service, status, customer details, dates and duration, as well as total amount. When you find the booking you need you’ll see option above to ‘Accept’ the booking.

respond to bookings

  • Another way is to double-click on the pending booking, access the booking management pop-up window where you can see all booking details. Then, you just go to the pending area and confirm the action to Accept the booking.

respond to bookings

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