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Booking Details - Calendar

Learn how to find the details of a booking shown in the calendar

The Calendar option introduced within Peekaboox not only offers an excellent overview of the bookings each month, week or day, but it also works very well when it comes to creating a new booking or checking the details of the existing ones.

calendar view

To view booking details found in Calendar, simply;

  • Navigate to Calendar
  • Locate the particular booking by checking the corresponding day, week or month
  • Click on the desired booking
  • From here, you'll see booking details such as; customer information, booking history, etc. You can also edit particular booking details by clicking on each field respectively.

booking details - calendar

If a booking is multiple or recurring users also have access to the appointment tab and they can cancel single appointment directly from there.

cancel single appointment

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler