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Cancel a Booking

Learn how to cancel a booking on your Peekaboox

Managing bookings and having a good track of bookings on a weekly or a monthly level is one of the crucial aspects of running a business successfuly and Peekaboox comes well prepared for it. If you already made booking which you want to cancel, the process is rather straight-forward:

cancel a booking

  • Navigate to ‘Bookings’ tab
  • Highlight a specific booking entry from the list of bookings (you can sort or filter the list by service, status, customer name, ID number, first appintment date, duration and total amount) or search a booking from the search bar
  • At the header above, click on the ‘Cancel’ button or double-click on the entry and click the Cancel button under the status area of the Show Details window
  • Confirm the action by clicking yes on the dialogue window

You can also cancel a booking from the calendar as well:

  • Navigate to the Calendar tab
  • Locate the booking in the calendar by using either daily, weekly or monthly view
  • Double-click on the particular appointment
  • Click on the booking tab on the left side of the window and you will see the same edit a booking window
  • Click on Cancel to cancel the booking.
  • If a booking is multiple or recurring users have access to the appointment tab and they can even cancel single appointment from there.

cancel booking

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