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Create a Booking

Learn how create a booking for the customer

Peekaboox boasts a really user-friendly interface which offers a practical solution for bookings management for your business. By entering the required details, all functions are interconected and reflect in the respective processes, increasing the efficiency and making data and booking management much easier.

There are several simple ways you can book a service for a particular customer and the first one is through the bookings section.

  • Go to ‘Bookings’ tab and create a booking through 'Book' button

Fill in the booking details, and follow through the step-by-by guide to complete the booking :

Setup tab - here you specify the service which is associated with this booking, number of workers, as well as the type of booking:

  • S = Single booking

Making a one-time booking at a pre-detrmined date and time window. You simply pick the service window from the list and choose the operator.

single booking

  • M = Multiple booking

Making more bookings done without a pattern or an interval simply by determining the date and time as well as duration for each booking respectively. (ex. one in 2 days, one after a month and one in 3 months)

multiple booking

  • R = Recurring booking

Continous and repetitive booking at a specific time interval and a determined duration (e.g. every Tuesday, once in three months etc.)

recurring booking

  • C = Custom booking

Custom made selection of all parameters including start and end time, date and duration

setup create booking

Time tab - here you specify all details for the time and dates. For a single booking you need to enter the date, duration in hours and timeframe. For a multiple booking you need to enter all these details again for each appointment you want to book. For the reccuring option, you need to set the repetition interval for the booking (e.g. once every 3 weeks and for 45 weeks total), the starting date and mark the desired day of the week. Here you set the operator, date, start and end time for the booking. Under the time tab, the wizard will give you the option to choose and select only the available operators at that time for the particular service. If one operator is not available for a particular service or time window it will not be shown on the list.

add booking time tab

Service tab - specify certain notes, tasks or extra services associated with this booking

notes tasks

Address tab - setting the customer details. You can select a customer from the drop-down menu or enter new customer details

customer details

Payment tab - here you select the payment method whether it is cash or credit card or you can also add a promocode Press on confirm to confirm the booking


The second way to create a booking is through the Customers tab of the main menu.

  • Navigate on to 'Customer' tab
  • Select desired customer and click 'Book' button

booking through customers tab

  • Fill in the booking details as per above instructions and follow through the step-by-by guide to complete the booking

The third way to create a booking is through the Calendar section of the main menu:

  • Go to the ‘Calendar’ tab and select a day of your choice through 'Month' view
  • Double-click on the date and a pop-up to create new booking appears
  • Fill in the booking details, and follow through the step-by-by guide to complete the booking

booking through calendar

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