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How to create an event and its uses

Created to be simple and efficient, Peekaboox's calendar offers a practical solution to manage your business.

Among other various functions, Peekaboox allows you to add, modify, consult or cancel reservations and events directly from the Calendar section. In this guide we will find out how to add an event and what are its uses.

The various uses

  • In order not to forget any business appointment: from dinner with colleagues to the most important meeting of your life!
  • To block a reservation quickly: the customer cannot book in the time slot in which there is an event. You can then use this feature to quickly mark a customer's reservation and change it later into a reservation. In this way you will not risk that some customers will book from your checkout at exactly the same time as a customer who has booked by phone.

How to create an event

  • Go to the "Calendar" section and select a day you prefer, if you opt for the "Month" or "Week" view. For the "Day" view, choose the desired time.
  • Double click on the date or time and a popup will appear to create a new booking or event. Click on the event and add its details.

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Who has access to this resource?

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  • scheduler
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