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Change to daily view

How to change your calendar to a daily view

Both the weekly and monthly list of bookings can be quite extensive to go through because they will include tens of results, so Peekaboox gives you the possiblity to change your calendar to a daily view. There are two ways you can view your daily bookings:

  • Navigate onto ‘Calendar’ tab
  • By hitting ‘Day’ view, you will be able to see current bookings you may have
  • Different colors match each staff member/operator and are intended to provide easier booking management.

view daily bookings

  • Navigate to the ‘Bookings’ tab
  • Filter bookings according to a specified date by clicking on ‘First Date’ column

daily bookings

  • This filters the booking data according to the latest or oldest (Ascending/Descending)

Any changes the calendar view will affect the way bookings are shown in the Bookings tab. You can filter per operator by pressing on the operator name in the left column and you can check any booking by clicking on the corresponding slot in the calendar.

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Employee