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How to view my bookings on Peekaboox

Every manager needs to have a good tracking of bookings in order to ensure business efficiency. Without proper tracking you will have an increased risk of making a mistake and end up with negative customer feedback. So, to see a list of all your bookings, including the old and new bookings you need to :

  • Navigate to the ‘Bookings’ section located within the menu on the left side of the window

view bookings on Peekaboox

  • Here you will be able to see a list of all bookings along with its specific details such as service, status, who is the customer, duration of the task and the total amount charged.
  • You can easily highlight relevant data by using our friendly search bar or press the arrow next to the column header to pop up the filter screen.

filter a booking on Peekaboox

This section provides you the following options:

  • How to add a new reservation - you can also mark whether it is a single, multiple or recurring event.
  • Choose to Accept or Refuse any already pending reservation
  • Cancel a reservation previously done
  • Export the data to excel or CSV for better data managementbookings 3

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Scheduler