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Edit Company Details

Learn how to edit your company details on Peekaboox

You can conveniently view company profile and edit all important fields about your company as per the legal guidelines or your preferences.

Accessing your company's profile is pretty simple:

  • Navigate to ‘My Business’ tab on the main menu.
  • Under the 'Profile' tab, you'll find your company details which can be easily edited directly
  • Go to ‘My Business’ tab and select 'Profile'

edit company profile

The company's profile page features general information such as fully qualified company name, business address, valid telephone number used to be contacted by cusomers, legal name, email and tax registration number. There is also a salary section where you can edit Employer ID and Bank name details which are necessary in order to issue SIF (Salary Information File) statement and generate WPS report. Additionally, the localization option which gives you the ability to set the currency you use as well as the country your business is based in.

From here, you can edit your company's information:

  • Name = used everywhere, from email to Invoice
  • Address = location of your business. Once edited in the address field, the interactive map will update accordingly
  • Phone = customers will contact through this number. A flag showing the origin of the number appears if the number is validated
  • Tax Registration Number = inserted if you want to apply VAT on your Invoices. Without TRN, you are unable to apply VAT on your services

edit company details

  • Remember to click 'Save' after editing to update all changes.

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