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Learn how to view your company profile on Peekaboox

Peekaboox allows you to check and edit company profile so you can have all necessary details up-to-date and matching your preferences.

Accessing your company's profile is pretty simple:

  • Navigate to ‘My Business’ tab on the main menu.
  • Under the 'Profile' tab, you'll find your company details which can be easily edited directly

company profile

The company's profile page shows the main and general company details such as name, address, telephone number, legal name, email and tax registration number. You need these details, particularly the VAT ID, if you want to add a VAT rate to any services or invoices.

When it comes to the salary section, it includes Employer ID and Bank details which are necessary in order to issue SIF (Salary Information File) statement and generate WPS report, while the localization option gives you the ability to set the currency you use as well as the country your business is based in.

Once the location is edited in the address field, the interactive map on the right-hand side which is directly linked with will update accordingly. It will match the area where the customer is requesting the service with the area covered and marked in this section and will show the provider is it exists or not respectively.

view company profile

  • Remember to click 'Save' to update the changes

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