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Edit Promo Code

Learn how to edit promo code on your Peekaboox

As with every service, Peekaboox user can introduce promocodes for their services. They can create more new codes with different settings to accommodate specific campaigns or edit exhisting ones directly within Peekaboox. To edit an existing Promo Code, simply;

  • Go to ‘Promo Codes’ under 'My Business' tab.
  • Select specific promo code from the list. You can filter them by name, service it applies to, discount given, payment method supported, validity and amount spent or you can use the search bar in the upper right corner to find the one you are looking for.
  • Highlight the code and click ‘Edit’ button or double-click a promo code and an edit page opens up.

list of promocodes

The new window that pops up features several options you can adjust according to your needs such as:

  • Name of code and service it applies to
  • Booking types (single, custom, recurring and multiple)
  • Payment methods (previusly added payment options such cash, credit card, paypal, checkout)
  • Discount (you can select if it is a fixed amount or a percent of the regular price or as discount stacks)
  • Thresholds (such as minimum price or minimum duration of service - the promocode triggers only if these parameters are reached)
  • Validity period (start and end dates of the promotion)
  • Usage limits (max amount that can be used and the promo becomes unavailable after the total amount is spent or it has reached this limit)

edit promo code

When you are done with all of these adjustments just click 'Save' to update the system.

Who has access to this resource

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