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Monthly Cash Flow

Learn how to view the Monthly Cash Flow Report on Peekaboox

Monthly cash flow is an excellent way to review and track your income and expenses and determine whether you are receiving and earning enough funds to cover current and ongoing expenses of your business. Users can easily access the detailed Monthly Cash Flow Report by following the below guidelines:

  • Use the mouse to navigate to the Reports section under the Accounting tab
  • Hover and click on ‘Monthly Cash Flow Report’ sub-tab

monthly cash flow

Here you’ll get access to all details relating to your monthly cash flow. This elaborate report provides a complete summary of the monthly cash flow of the fiscal year.

It provides an extensive summary of data which provides good support and basis for making key decisions and setting the direction of your business.

The whole page is divided into several segments inclduing revenues and expenses, total taxes, net profit, cash flow at beginning or end etc. - covering the figures for each month of the year of your choosing. This means that you can also check the data for the past year and easily compare it with the current one.

Another great feature is that you can also export this data to Excel -xls or -csv file which you can also have it printed later for easier data management.

monthly cash flow fiscal year

Who has access to this resource

  • Manager
  • Accountant