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Add Service Extras - Multiple Choice

Learn how to add multiple choice extras for a service with additional corresponding charges in Peekaboox

With your Peekaboox, not only you can easily edit exhisting services, introduce discounts and set service payment options, you can now add as many extra services with corresponding rates.

  • Go to ‘My Business’ tab.
  • Choose the service you want to add extras to.
  • Head directly to 'Extras' tab, and click 'Add New Extra'

add extra button

The first option you will get is to add a multiple choice extra service. This means that you can choose between a per hour or fixed price model, give a name to the extra, select an icon which is shown during checkout and set the multiple choices available.

multiple options extra

  • Per hour based extra model means that it will add the price specified under the Pricing field for each hour booked. The amount added is the one specified during the extra selection.
  • Fixed price model means that you will add the amount specified in the Price tab to the total regardless of any other factors.
  • The Icon selection tab offers quite an extensive list of icons or emojis which include accessbility icons, various brands icons, chart, currency, directional, file type, form control, hand icons, medical, text editor, transportation, web editor set of icons and many more to choose from.
  • When setting the selection of multiple choices you can asign a name, specify the price in the currency which you alreadu selected in profile settings and set the order in which the choices appear during checkout.

extra multiple choice

The multiple choice extra services features the possibility of the user to choose from a list of previously pre-set different extra services during the booking process and whenever a condition of the above-mentioned list is fulfilled or checked in the booking wizard, the extra service shall be charged in the invoice.

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