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Add Services Extra - Numeric

Learn how to add numeric choice extras for a service with additional corresponding charges in Peekaboox

Peekaboox offers a really elaborate extra services feature available for its users. By providing a more detailed options selection window when creating a new service, or editing an existing one, it allows users to have a better control over the services they offer.

  • Go to ‘My Business’ tab.
  • Choose the service you want to add extras to.
  • Head directly to 'Extras' tab, and click 'Add New Extra'

add extra button

The second option on the drop-down menu you will get is to add a numeric choice extra service. This means that set fixed price model, name, select an icon which is shown during checkout, mark the minimum and maximum amount of extra items, set the default value for this extra and set the price per single item.

  • Fixed price model means that you will add the amount specified in the Price field to the total regardless of any other factors and for for each item you add.
  • The Icon selection tab offers quite an extensive list of icons or emojis which include accessbility icons, various brands icons, chart, currency, directional, file type, form control, hand icons, medical, text editor, transportation, web editor set of icons and many more to choose from.
  • Minimum amount sets the minimum amount of items accepted by the extra
  • Maximum amount sets the maximum amount of items accepted by the extra
  • Default- marks the default value for the extra as shown during checkout
  • Price - It specifies the price in the currency previously selected in the profile settings section and it refers to a single item.

numeric extra

The numeric extra services basically mean that whenever a condition of the above-mentioned list is fulfilled or checked in the booking wizard, the extra service shall be charged in the invoice.

numeric extra

For example, if a minimum set amount is two and the maximum is 7 and a user puts 5 in the extra field, the invoice will have an added charge in the invoice which matches the amount set under Price.

numeric extra

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