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Add Services Extra - Yes/No

Learn how to add yes/no extras for a service with additional corresponding charges in Peekaboox

Peekaboox offers features available for users to determine various options in the selection window when creating a new service,introduce discounts and set service payment options, or even to add as many extra services with corresponding rates.

  • Go to ‘My Business’ tab.
  • Choose the service you want to add extras to.
  • Head directly to 'Extras' tab, and click 'Add New Extra'

add extra button

The last option on the drop-down menu you will get is to add a yes/no choice extra service. This means that you can choose between a per hour or fixed price model, give a name to the extra, select an icon which is shown during checkout and set the choices available.

  • Per hour based extra model means that it will add the price specified under the Pricing tab for each hour booked.
  • Fixed price model means that you will add the amount specified in the Price tab to the total regardless of any other factors.
  • The Icon selection tab offers quite an extensive list of icons or emojis which include accessbility icons, various brands icons, chart, currency, directional, file type, form control, hand icons, medical, text editor, transportation, web editor set of icons and many more to choose from.
  • Price - specifies the price depending on the price mode selected above (price is shown in the selected currency and can be changed in the profile settings)
  • You can also check the box to make this extra services option as default for customers during checkout

add boolean yes no extra service window

The yes/no extra services basically mean that whenever the yes option is activated or checked in the booking wizard, the extra service shall be charged in the invoice. For example, the yes/no will add an item to the invoice based on the value of the "toggle".

extra services

If some of the conditions are fulfiled and the yes is activated - the item will be added. The cost can be fixed - meaning it always shall be a fixed amount regardless of the number of hours booked, or can go by the hour - meaning that a particular amount set in the price field shall be multiplied by the number of hours booked. Also, the invoice is evaluated in real time.

extra services invoices

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