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Create Promo Code

How to create a promo code on your Peekaboox

A coupon code, or promo code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can use on a checkout page is an awesome way to provide your customers a discount on their purchase. Creating Promo Codes acts as an excellent incentive for your customers to book your service again.

Peekaboox comes eqipped with an integrated promocode management feature which allows you to introduce and add various promocodes with different options and update or edit them afterwards upon your convenience.

promo codes list

You can add a promo code for any service simply by going to: ‘My Business > Promo Codes > New’

There will be a pop-up window showing the available options you can adjust to make your promo code to match the incentive you want to give.

add new promo code

  • Define your promo code by first adding a name to it and specify to which service the promo code will be applied
  • Decide to which type of booking you want the promo code to be applied, or choose to apply to all of them (single, custom, recurring or multiple booking)
  • Decide to which payment method you want the promo code to be applied, or choose to apply to all of them (previously added payment options for theat particular service such cash, credit card, paypal, checkout)
  • Define the Type of Discount you want to provide - whether being a fixed amount or a percentge from the regular price
  • Set the Threshold in the sense of minimum price or duration of a particular service the promo code can be valid for
  • Define the Validity Period or the date span during which the promo code shall be active
  • Set the Promo code amount limit in Euro for that particular service

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