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Create Service Discount

Learn how to add or create a discount for a service on your Peekaboox

Peekaboox users have complete freedom to introduce new concepts and encourage customers to use their services by providing different incentives. From enabling promocodes, offering extra services and customized approach, users can now create discount policies for each service respectively.

Discounts are created when you adding a New service, or at a later time when needed.

Simply go to: ‘My Business > My Services > New’

You may also choose to update an already existing service by double clicking it or click 'Edit'

At the ‘Discount’ sub-tab, click on ‘Add New Discount’ at the lower right corner of the page.

service discount

You may define different discount tiers based on booking duration (Minimum Time in minutes) and choose between Fixed or Percent discount. You can also have more than one discount active and discounts stack.

discount service

Discounts together with promocodes are an awesome way to attract customers. Although discounts and promocodes have certain similarities, the main difference is that discounts apply when the customer fullfils some kind of condition or requests a certain volume of services, while the promocodes are awesome for launching a specific promotional campaign for a certain service and for a limited amount of time. If you need to edit a discount at the later stage, you may come back to the page and double-click the defined discount.

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