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Disable a service

Learn how to disable an existing service on Peekaboox

Peekaboox is well versed when it comes to adjusting services your company offers. Not only it supports adding or editing already exhisting services or introducing various service payment options, it also allows for a certain service to be enabled\disabled at any given moment as per your needs, thus limiting the options customers have.

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Disabling a paricular service is done by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to Services section of the My Business tab on the dashboard
  • Discover the service you need through the search bar or sort/filter the list by name, type, frequency, base rate, VAT rate and current activity status
  • Select or highlight a particular service on the list
  • Change the Enable/Disable marker on the right side of the field
  • Confirm the action by clicking Yes on the pop-up window

disable a service

Disabling a particular service removes it from the list of available services for customers, however, you can't disable a service if there are future booking for that service.

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