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Service Operating Hours

Learn how to set the operating hours for each service on Peekaboox

Peekaboox allows users to set hours for each of the services they offer separately. The best way to set operating hours for each of your services, is when creating a New service. You can then come back later in case should there be any changes.

  • Navigate to: ‘My Business > My Services

services list

You can either add a new service or you may also choose to update an already existing service by double-clicking it or by highlighting the service and then clicking 'Edit'.

how to set hours for each service

This will take you to the Edit Service window where you need to select the Hours tab.

  • Once on the 'Hour' tab, click a specific time period and drag the time frame down with the mouse to when you want the service to end.
  • From here, you will need to define the Pricing Bracket for the operating hour - either Standard Time or Overtime

Continue onto updating the rest of the tabs for each day, or click on the 'Payments' tab directly and click 'Confirm' to save all the changes made. service hours confirmation

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