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How to Set Up a Fixed Duration Service and How it Works

Allow your customers to book a fixed duration service online

With Peekaboox's checkout your customers can book an appointment directly from your website.
If you offer more than one service, you can add new ones, and you can decide whether it is a fixed duration, hourly or smart service.

What is a fixed duration service? It is a service where your customer can book an available slot to make an appointment, even virtual. The service has a fixed cost, regardless of its duration and the duration can be configured.

How to add fixed duration services on Peekaboox

To add a fixed duration service on Peekaboox go to:

  • My Business> services> new

add service

  • Click on fixed duration
  • Set the working hours in which you want to receive appointments, you can also set overtime


  • Set the service details:
  • Service name: enter the name of the service for which your client will book an appointment, i.e. Physiotherapy
  • Accept booking every: i.e. 30 min
  • Duration: i.e. a 30-minute physiotherapy session
  • Allow virtual/remote service: in this way you will allow your customers to book a virtual service, in which a zoom room will be created automatically. Remember to integrate Zoom to take advantage of this feature. set the frequency and decide if at the time of booking the customer can choose the operator he prefers
  • Set the frequency of the service: do you want to receive single bookings? For example a reservation for tomorrow. Multiple? For example today and Wednesday. Or recurring? For example every Tuesday and every Thursday for 5 weeks in a row.

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  • Set the service price defining the price list: set the service cost, service cost during over time and select the VAT rate applied to this service - you can set the VAT rate in the accounting section. VAT will be calculated automatically at the time of booking.


  • Add discounts, if you offer them: suppose you offer a 10 euro discount to each customer who books at least 3 service sessions and a 25% discount to each customer who books at least 6 sessions


Discounts are cumulative and will be calculated automatically at the time of booking.

  • If you want, add additional services: the additional services are based on a fixed cost that your customer can select at the time of booking. Additional services can be multiple choice, numeric or yes, no


  • Select payment methods accepted for this service: cash and/or credit card. To accept credit card payments, configure a payment gateway from the section My Business> settings> payment methods

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Job done! Don't forget to enable operators for the new service. From the section My business> staff:

  • Double click on the desired operator
  • Select the services this staff member deals with, and if you have no operators, enable yourself (i.e. manager)

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How do my customers book my fixed-duration service?

  • Your customer can book your service directly from your website, by clicking on the checkout, or book now button, or directly from the QR code you received in the email when registering for Peekaboox. If you use the Peekaboox website, the checkout is already integrated. If you already have a website, insert the Peekaboox book now button: click here to find out how!


What happens in your back office after receiving a booking from your website checkout?

  • Once your customer booked one of your services from your checkout you will receive a notification in your back office: the new reservation will be visible both in the bookings section and in the calendar.
  • The customer is automatically added to your CRM list.
  • If the customer has booked a virtual appointment, when the booking is accepted, the Zoom room where your meeting will take place, will automatically open. While your customer will receive an email with the details of the virtual meeting from which they can access it directly.
  • Always at the time of acceptance of the reservation you will be able to view the total estimate of the future invoice, which on the day of the appointment will be sent automatically to the customer who will receive an email where he can pay online, if the payment method chosen was a credit card .
  • As long as the payment is not made, you can always modify the invoice and decide to send it manually when you prefer
  • Furthermore, the accounting section will be updated automatically (accounting> P&L> Revenues)

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