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Set Service Price

Learn how to set the prices for a service on Peekaboox

When you finish adding the initial details and creating a new service, one of the next steps is to add the pricing structure so you can establish the service as a profitable one.

You can access the list of services by clicking on 'My Service' tab under the 'My Business' section of the dashboard. The list contains all the services you have previously entered and you can set the price either when you add a new service on the New button or update an exhisting service by selecting the service you want and by double-clicking on Edit.

list of services

When you access the service management window, you go to the Pricing tab to determine the pricing structure for the particular service you are editing.

Peekaboox offers the option to set Base rate, the Overtime rate and the Short rate.

  • Base Rate is the price applied for a standard working hours as defined in 'Details' tab
  • Overtime Rate is the price applied as defined in the 'Details' tab
  • Short Rate is the price applied for booking lasting less than undefined minutes as defined in 'Details' tab

Each service can have its own VAT rules. In order to be able to apply a VAT in the profile section - the VAT field must be filled out with at least one VAT rate that must be specified in the accounting section.

set service price

Users won’t be able to save the process when adding a new service without specifying a pricing. You can go back to the same tab should you want to edit the pricing in the future.

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