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Edit an existing service

Learn how to edit the details of an existing service on Peekaboox

Services management is vital for better and more optimized business operation for your business.

Peekaboox is well versed when it comes to adjusting services your company offers. You can easily add a new service or set the service operating hours, provide stimulations for your customers by introducing promocodes or enable different payment processors as a support for the payment part.

You can also easily manage and edit exhisting services by adjustng and updating the data already entered in the respective field.

edit a service

The process is rather simple and in the Edit services window you can press on the header bar to "jump" from one section to the other:

  • Navigate to the My Services tab under the My Business section of the dashboard
  • Double-click on the desired service on the list or select the entry and click on Edit above to access the editing section
  • The services list can be filtered and sorted by name, type, frequency, VAT rate, base price, extras and discounts or you can also use the search bard in the upper right corner
  • Start adjusting the entries in the Edit Service pop-up window (Details, Hours, Pricing, Discounts, Extras and Payments)

edit a service button

  • Details
    • service name used in emails and on the website
    • service type - per hour based and it impacts how invoices are evaluated
    • booking time interval
    • minimum duration - important for determining Pricing details and Short time rate
    • single worker title determining the function of the worker
    • multiple workers title
    • service frequency - single, multiple or recurring
    • operator selection option - select if you want your customer to select the operator during customer checkout

operator selection option

  • Hours - Edit your working hours by dragging your cursor on the calendar. You can choose your pricing bracket by clicking on the block.

hours new service

  • Pricing
    • Set base rate - standard price applied
    • Overtime rate - price applied for overtime work
    • Short rate - price applied for bookings lasting shorter than a pre-defined set of minutes
    • VAT rate - VAT tax rate applicable for the service

pricing rates

  • Discounts - introducing a particular discount based on a booking duration. You can define multiple tiers and choose between fixed and/or percent discounts.


  • Extras - Define any service extra (multiple choice, yes/no or numeric) and their pricing
  • Payments - Define which payment methods will be offered to your customers when booking this service. If you'd like to accept credit card payments, remember to configure a payment processor

payment new service

  • Remember to hit 'Confirm' in order to save the new service

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